Friday, August 27, 2010

Silvie Cavalli Sofa

Silvie Cavalli Sofa

Meet Silvie - a crazy, lanky, fun girl from Prague who lives life to the maximum.

Silvie is the ultimate free-spirit and not one to follow the rules! For example, you may have noticed Silvie prefers a more natural look. She tells us that she loves her bush, and says it makes her feel like a lioness; raw and animalistic. Silvie’s lifestyle reflects her unconventional personality, not only is she bisexual she is also a naturist.

She has a typical fashion models body: long skinny arms, long legs and a petite structure but she still has a full bust and curves - which is very rare, a rare gem you could say. All blessings from her mother apparently!

Nothing is taboo when it comes to Silvie!

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