Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meet Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie 01Lisa Marie 02

There aren’t many fellow country women of Petter on but Lisa Marie dug deep, showed her Viking bravery and came to Paris to pose for Petter.

With a weakness for the sweet things in life cakes and M&M’s are her favorite. Lisa Marie previously toured Norway with Team Alyar – a group of models led by a Norwegian celebrity model- and made the Norwegian country men go weak at their knees with her lingerie show.

Lisa Marie is very sensual with a curvy body and a doll-like face. She is also single and looking, claiming that it’s hard to find a true gentleman in Norway! This is a girl who believes men should be men and woman should be woman in a relationship. The ambiguous roles in Norway don’t really appeal to her.

Gorgeous and with a sexy, playful spirit that shines through in her pictures, Lisa Marie is set to become another Hegre favorite.

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