Thursday, August 26, 2010

Island Time

Nadya C.

Here is a moody tropical interlude from the lens and imagination of Pasha, and starring Nadya C. The sea is still and calm. The sky overcast. Although we soon realize the location is some sort of resort or retreat, there is no sign of another human anywhere.

The model, wearing a long, simple dress, poses on the sand and in the water, the fabric clinging to her body. When the dress is retired from service, Nadya is topless, and wearing bikini bottoms. She poses with a coconut. When she is finally completely nude, she poses with the same coconut and on the trunk of an accommodating palm tree.

There is a downbeat, almost somber quality to this set. It is not without appeal, mind you, but I find it somewhat lacking in energy. Personal highlights include #0106 where the model unexpectedly unleashes a lively smile. And a series of shots — #0083 is a prime example — where she relaxes in a hammock. Perhaps if the sun came out and somebody ordered a round of piƱa coladas the mood would lift?

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