Sunday, August 22, 2010

Midnight In The Garden Of...

Nika E.

It’s not quite what one would call an optical illusion, but this series played a little trick on me. It takes place outdoors. The lawn is a lush, vivid green and the hydrangeas are in full bloom. The scene is bathed in light, and the model, Nika E., is dressed only in a sheer, black shawl. Just another — quite wonderful — sunny day in the garden? No, actually. Because the set was shot late at night. Unlike the cinematic trick of simulating nighttime while shooting during in daylight — “day for night” as it is known — this might be termed an example of “night for day.” It’s an interesting twist that gives the series a bit of extra visual dimension.

Of course, with Nika as the subject, visual dimension is not at all in short supply! Although her expressiveness is sometimes confined to a rather limited segment of the emotional spectrum, her eye-grabbing physical gifts more than compensate. Whether seated in appropriate outdoor furniture, standing tall in her black, open toe stilettos, or lolling seductively in the grass, Nika eagerly delivers ample opportunities to examine and enjoy every inch of her remarkable body. Forget daytime or nighttime, in “Exikal,” it’s definitely Nika-time!

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