Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gigi’s Denim Skirt


Pacino here bringing you everyone’s favorite naughty spice Gigi. As you all know Gigi loves to masturbate and she called me begging to get off for you all today. To fuck with her I told her to just masturbate in her bed and be done with it. I told her I didn’t feel like working and to just deal with her issue. When she started whining and bitching and squirming on the phone I gave in. It wasn’t even fifteen minutes and Gigi was knocking at my door waiting to get naked. She showed up in this sexy little denim miniskirt and brought her own toys to play with. As always, she was shaved naked, WET and ready to rock. Gigi fingered her clit for all of three seconds before her little pink dildo was deep inside of her pussy. After sucking her goo off the vibe Gigi went for the gold and penetrated her tight little asshole until her body was covered in sweat and her twat was glistening with goo.

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