Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sunset Romance

Bogdana A.

In the opening image of “Levidas,” Bogdana A. is dressed for one thing, and it most certainly is not a mid-afternoon nap. The black top she is wearing disappears instantly, leaving the curvaceous blonde clad only in minimalist, entirely sheer, black panties that leave nothing to the imagination — and that will incite feverish desires in even the most polite and restrained imaginations.

There is a single rose in several shots, for a bit of colorful contrast. And the black bed dressing bears a white floral print. But the flower I refer to in the title of this post is far more vibrant, alive, and distinctly feminine, if you can decipher a hint. Tony Murano takes full advantage of his unabashedly sexy subject, and captures the beauty of her face in several stylish headshots (#0025 is my favorite of these) as well as her buxom body. And then he moves in close — extremely close — for intimate images that may well take your breath away. “I am not shy,” declares Bogdana in her MetArt bio. No, no, she is not. And for that we offer our boundless gratitude!

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