Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fur Your Pleasure


Those who prefer their potential mates in a largely natural state will want to go over Rylsky’s “Free Spirit” with a fine tooth comb. The model presented therein, Francine A., has declared her armpits and pubic region razor-free zones, and lush thickets of dark floss have consequently flourished.

There is no avoiding the hair here, and it will either attract or repel, depending on personal preference. On second thought, there is one way to avoid it, and that is by focusing one’s attention on the non-nude images and headshots. In #0037 Francine’s spontaneous smile and perfectly pert breasts are powerful distractions. And in #0055, a double-headshot thanks to a mirror, is pretty, indeed. Of the full-fur shots, #0060 is a personal favorite due to an unusual pose and Francine’s lively, engaging expression.

But I have to wonder, if Francine is such a “Free Spirit,” why has she bothered to shave her legs? I’m not being needlessly provocative by asking. Well, actually, maybe I am.

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