Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fire And Water

Ilze A.

The opening “sequence” of Rylsky’s “Calef,” starring Ilze A., takes place before a roaring fire. The model is lively, she is lovely, and her body is entirely luscious. Some of the posing, however, is curious. Do we need to see Ilze put a log on the fire when she can generate so very much heat without such histrionics?

Perhaps to answer the question, the set next moves to a lavatory equipped with a spacious spa tub. Posing next to and in the bath, Ilze now is in a far more flattering and versatile setting. The model is gifted with a firm and ripe rump, and several shots capture this particular asset particularly well — on all fours in the water, in #0074, it’s a double-bubble delight. Ilze’s physical charms don’t “end” there, however, and her entire erotic arsenal receives ample exposure.

This is a playful set, and while some of the posing feels just the slightest bit forced or contrived, Ilze appears to be having so much fun — and is so much fun to look at — that one wouldn’t dream of complaining. When Rylsky mixes Ilze A. with fire and water the results are nothing if not steamy!

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