Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wild Gaby


Gaby’s fucking hot and one of my favorite models to work with. She is such an exhibitionist that all I have to do is set up my lights and let her go. I can tell you for sure that this chick gets off on the fact that guys jack off to her fucking herself. Today Gaby came over with her own toy so I knew she would be on top of her game. She told me she hadn’t masturbated in two days (a record for her) because she wanted to cum multiple times for her “fans” today. Well, Gaby came over looking all hot and freshly showered around two this afternoon and when she left by four she was a sweaty mess that left looking very freshly fucked but that kind of fucked that you know went on for hours. Gaby couldn’t get enough of her big golden vibrator. She went through every position in the book, on her back, on her stomach, on her side, on all fours, spread eagle wide, on her knees from the back just to fuck herself for you. So log on and show Gaby some love as she fucks herself every which way for and I quote, “her amazing fans.” Chicks, so sentimental. But damn, if they fuck themselves like this for you why not let them be a little sensitive!

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