Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sarah Exposed


Pacino checking in. I’m still searching the globe to bring you the hottest and freshest talent out there on the net. You won’t see these chicks anywhere else because they are making their porn debut here on this site today! Meet Sarah. She works at a local ballpark selling cotton candy and popcorn in the stands. She basically sucks at her job but all the guys buy from her so they can watch her lean over and check out her breasts. So I was honest with the floozy. I said, “you’re giving all these guys a free show.” Why not get down and dirty for me and get paid! It took some after hours cajoling but Sarah agreed to meet me the next day and party. In keeping with the baseball theme, she showed up wearing a sexy pinstriped number with a short skirt that showed off her white thong underneath. Sarah pulled it up tight and got down on all four so I could take some shots of her ass and it’s back door entry hole peering out around her tiny thong. I didn’t want to push the toy thing right away but when I saw her pussy start to glisten I knew it was time. Log on and check out Sarah fucking her tight asshole with a sexy pink vibe in her internet debut.

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