Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cassies’s Innocence


Vampires are hot right now so I set out to find a chick with flawless alabaster skin and that gothic look. It didn’t take to long to find Cassie. She works at this indie record label and I caught her leaving work one afternoon. Her skin is perfectly white and you can tell this chick doesn’t hit the beach. She’s a self-professed night owl preferring to sleep all day and party all night. A first glance will have you thinking she is an innocent virgin too scared of sex to sleep around and have fun but scratch the surface and you will see that she’s a naughty little rockstar. Any chick that has a tramp stamp tattoo is sure to get on all fours with her ass in the air so that she can get a good cock pounding and Cassie is no exception to that rule. She told me she is strictly into dick and gets off on light S and M play. She likes to be tied up and dominated and loves to have her ass smacked until it’s red and tingling. If gothic chicks that are into tattoos and bondage are your thing, then log on and give Cassie a shout out.

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