Sunday, January 2, 2011

Silk And Honey...

Izabelle A.

This set seduced me almost instantly. And Izabelle A. gets full credit for that. From the opening image straight through to the last, she is simply a perfect piece of indescribably delicious eye candy. This little doll just exudes pristine, youthful, beauty.

And “Agamian” is a seemingly simple set. By “seemingly” I mean that the tangible elements — a sofa, sheer curtains, a hardwood floor — are basic and unobtrusive. But here is where Oleg Morenko’s artistry enters. He has a beautiful subject, one that he has worked with before. He seeks to emphasize and enhance her beauty, not distract from it. Clever composition, creative posing, and particularly deft lighting are his tools, and the results are pleasing in the extreme.

I love the way a subtle side-light kisses Izabelle’s raised arm, jaw line, and breast in #0017. And how the pose in #0043 is artfully improved by slightly tighter framing in #0044. There are some very sexy shots here: #0059 despite (or perhaps because of) the soft focus in the foreground sizzles, to select one out of many. And there are simple beauty shots, as well, like #0078 — pure silk and honey.

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