Friday, January 28, 2011

A Rare Breed, Indeed

Marina K.

Five years have elapsed since Marina K. first bared her beautiful all at MetArt. And the photographer of “Tiger,” Joanna Edwards, has been absent for a similar length of time. We welcome back both contributors, and then turn our attention to the work.

A seamless backdrop in a rich, dark shade of cordovan. An animal print scarf, a few pieces of jewelry, and Marina. Neither photographer Edwards or your humble scribe need much more than that. As the series unfolds I’m impressed by the painterly quality of many of these images. Examine #0050, if only for a moment, and I think you’ll concur.

And Marina, without elaborate props or scenery to rely on, performs admirably, projecting moods from studied to spontaneous with apparent ease and enjoyment.

I have no way of knowing if Marina K. or Ms. Edwards will once again contribute a set to MetArt. It might be another five years, perhaps more. In that case, enjoy “Tiger” fully, because it is a truly rare breed.

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