Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SSame Place, Different Face

Tommi A.

I’ve evaluated a series that utilized this location once before — http://metart.com/blog/models/beautiful-gardens/ — and then, as now, I found it a versatile and pleasing setting. In “Sinivil,” starring Tommi A., we have an opportunity to make some interesting comparisons.

While it is the same location, Leonardo’s framing and placement of his subject is subtly different. The most striking difference, besides the models, may be the light. Here the lighting is somewhat brighter and the separation of model from background is sometimes less distinct. This is neither good nor bad, just slightly different.

There is a soft angularity and extremely pleasing symmetry to Tommi’s face. Consequently, I gravitate to several lovely headshots — #0143 is particularly disarming, but #0142, where her face is partially obscured by foliage, is also quite nice. A stray shot, the only one of its type in the collection, also intrigued me. In #0134 the model is in profile, at some distance, her expression largely concealed from the viewer. Shot from behind a bit of wrought iron scrollwork (a fence, a gate?), the image suggests the merest hint of voyeurism. Who among us wouldn’t want to sneak a peek at a nude vixen as appealing as Tommi if the opportunity arose?

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