Friday, October 29, 2010

Linn, Nordic Princess In Tight Corset

Linn 01Linn 02

Linn is a girl of many parts, all rather gorgeous with her flowing hourglass figure, her entrancing blue eyes and lush flaxen hair.

SHE ENJOYS nude modeling, but that's just one part the complex puzzle of her life. Linn works as a nurse, but in complete contrast to the sedate calm of the hospital ward, her favorite pastime is watching drag racing, the most exciting and dangerous sport in the world.

When she isn't nursing, stripping for the camera or getting her kicks at the race circuit, Linn likes all-night parties and dancing to ear-splitting techno. She may appear the complete city girl but when Linn has a long weekend, there's nothing Little Miss Contrast enjoys more than hiking with friends in the luxuriant national parks of her native Norway.

When she's posing for photographs, her inner joy communicates to the camera and the many parts add up to the complete Hegre Girl. 

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