Friday, September 24, 2010

Stop, Look And Like

Olga M.

There are moments in nearly every set I’m assigned to evaluate where a single image catches my eye and forces me to take a closer look. The first of these moments in “Algovins” occurred when I reached #0012. Here is, I believe, an ideal introductory shot of Olga M. Bracketed by foliage, her upper torso and face fill the central third of the frame. Her lower lip is ripe and plump, her piercing eyes meet mine, her beauty here is particularly powerful.

#0057 also halted my progress through the set. Here Olga is totally nude, after a preponderance of shots in which she’s wearing a sheer, lacy bodysuit. Feel free to disagree, but I didn’t find this piece of lingerie particularly flattering, and to finally see Olga in her naked glory was a blessing seasoned with relief.

And when I reached #0110 I got the distinct impression I’d found my favorite shot in the series. It is not the most explicit image in the set, nor the most naturalistic. It is posed, yet somehow relaxed, at once. I could stop, look and like many things about this photo. And I have.

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