Sunday, June 27, 2010

Made In Brazil


In the first image in this set — her debut appearance at MetArt — Brazilian native BomBom is wearing no more than a yellow canga and a smile. One is equally struck by the beauty of her nude body, and the radiant warmth of her expression.

The smile is present through much of the set, and it is remarkably fresh and genuine. It is impossible not to sense an underlying feeling of joyful inhibition as the model experiments with poses and presentation. In headshots and in explicit anatomical images, Astrud is participating fully and enjoying the experience heartily.

Monochrome photos dot the series, adding a bit of unexpected variety. And when a shawl and a pair of white jeans make brief appearances late in the set they impart distinct flavors to the collection as a whole, and hint at possibilities that, one hopes, are soon to be captured and presented in future pictorials.

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