Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hegre Travels Tokyo

Day 7: Flying Sparks

The first location was set in a rustic river side restaurant, just my kind of diner with fat wooden tables and upside down pillowed paint buckets as stools. First one out was Mayuko, and she just blew me away when she did the 6 o’clock position in her school uniform, a flexi Lolita that should get many fetishists’ blood boiling.

From there we moved to a gay night club in the red light district. First I got all claustrophobic in there as there was hardly any space to set up our lamps and too many shiny surfaces...but at the end it turned out to probably be the best session of the trip, and when you see the photos of Cocomi taken there you will understand why! What a doll, what measurements, what a waist, and when I put her amazing proportions and bambi eyes together with Mayuko's athleticism, sparks were flying...

At one moment, while the camera was spitting fire, I felt that powerful "photo-fit" that occasionally happens, like the session envelopes you and bring you to a new high and you feel merged with the camera and the subject. It’s quite intense I can tell you, and you do not wanna be near me then, as I will crush everything in my way and the models are hypnotized and do anything I ask them :)

Afterwards, totally drained (trips to the Shangri-La puts you in a sedated state afterwards), while the crew was rigging down, I sat flat on the sidewalk, sipping beer with a satisfied grin on my face and being hit on by the gays passing by.

Days like these makes it all worth it.

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