Friday, July 30, 2010

Here, Kitty, Kitty

Heike A

Dressed in a camisole and panties bearing a stylized cat print, Heike A. sits at a table and enjoys a cup of tea and a croissant. Even in these introductory images there is a playful, actually quite kittenish, charm to this beautiful, blonde model.

Finished with her snack, the Teutonic tease dispenses with her outfit and proceeds to experiment her way through a generous assortment of tantalizing postures. A table and chair are her central props, and she utilizes both to excellent effect. Even in positions that can’t possibly be completely comfortable, Heike radiates and eager-to-please quality that draws the viewer in.

This is a frothy, lighthearted series, but there are certainly serious, artful images to be found. I find #0118, a figure study, from mid-thigh to neck, in which the model is reclining on the tabletop, particularly beautiful. Here the structural, sculptural majesty of the female form is skillfully presented. #0123 is a variation on that theme, this time with the model’s delightful visage included. A very pretty kitty, indeed!

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